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Production Process
Coilers, probes measuring free length 100% on line, in line stress relief ovens, automated pre-setting equipment and CNC grinding technology all work together in a flow system designed to produce springs as efficiently as possible. Cellular concepts are incorporated where possible to reduce waste, and keep product flowing.

This continuous flow process is designed to work within your systems. Blanket orders, Kan Ban releases, MRP and spot buys all benefit from this system by closely producing what you need, when you need it, in quantities that make sense. This flexibility also allows us to quickly respond to those occasional fire drills.

Dedicated tooling, real time SPC on each lot, automation, technology and overall plant process control work hand in hand in providing you with a quality product, made to print specifications, from spring one to spring one million. We track our external PPM levels monthly which are available upon your request.

There is piece price and then the overall costs of goods purchased. Our focus on the compression spring industry allows us to focus our equipment and talents into a competitive piece price. Additional benefits with overall cost of goods purchased include:
1) Reduced Inventory - Continuous flow allows for increased inventory turns, and true just in time shipments, lowering your inventory carrying costs.
2) Improved Quality - Our performance has reduced costs for our customers in reduced rejects, less time spending on chasing problems, and reduced incoming inspection time.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction
We are proud of what we have accomplished to date in the field of the ground compression spring. Our personnel provides you with over 50 years of technical expertise in the spring coiling business. We have focused that experience and channeled our energies to become the finest spring manufacturer to your industry. Our systems and commitment are focused on one ultimate goal - your complete satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity of servicing you with your needs.


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